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The Siberian Husky: Dog of the North

The Chukchi tribe of the great northern expanses in Siberia was the nomadic tribe which bred the Siberian Husky dogs. The tribe was well known for their remarkable aptitude for breeding these fine dogs as early as 3000 years ago. They were a people who lived inland and hunted along the coastal shores and they used the dogs for pulling back the game, many times over very long distances. Their dogs were bred purely and selectively and consequently the Siberian Husky of today is very directly descended from the original dogs belonging to the Chukchi tribe.

The dog was little known in the United States or in Europe until the first "Alaska Sweepstakes" (later known as the Iditarod) was run and a team of Siberian huskies won. In later expeditions to the North Pole, the Siberian was a major player also. This beautiful and intelligent breed became a favorite of the Russian explorers and was extensively used throughout Siberia. For many years it was known as the "Chukchi" dog, but in the United States the name "Siberian Husky " was coined, while in Great Britain the same breed was often called the "Arctic Husky".

The Siberian Husky is a strikingly beautiful dog. The eyes are almond shaped and slightly slanted, the skull is clean and refined, with very soft upright well furred ears lending an intelligent and alert look to the head. Often there is a definite mask and sometimes the eyes are a pale blue or golden yellow in color. The coat is soft and densely furred and can be of any color, usually very symmetrically marked. He is a medium sized dog, classed as a "working dog" with great stamina and speed being the hallmark of the breed. Because of his close association with the Chukchi tribe, being considered a "member of the family", he is a very people oriented dog and does not have as strong a "pack mentality" as for example the Alaskan Malamute and some of the other husky breeds who were bred to pull in a pack exclusively.

The Siberian Husky entered the American Kennel Club registry in 1930 and his popularity has grown beyond that of being only a Show Dog. He is used extensively as a Therapy Dog, doing well in Obedience and Agility and is of course also used still as a racing sled dog. The "Sibe" as he is affectionately termed, is a friendly and completely amiable dog, quite easy to train and very willing to please. Temperamentally he is non-aggressive to other dogs and to people. He is comparatively easy to groom, for even though he has a thick coat it is not excessively long and is simple to maintain for it seldom mats and is completely weather proof. Besides all of that, he is a healthy breed which has very few genetic anomalies or inherited problems. He is an adaptable dog, but definitely needs plenty of exercise, for he was bred to be a working dog and needs to be kept busy or he will find something to occupy himself with. He is above all an "easy keeper" and a happy companion dog who loves to work for his master.

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