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welcome to my siberian husky blog

this is the place for getting the most siberian husky dog information

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eddie3002 tha...

Living with a Siberian Husky by Eddie Delgado

Getting home from a hard days work to be greeted by a Siberian husky is a great stress reliever. With their joyous attitudes and great energy huskies are very kind and loving animals. You will often find them full of excitement and howling like a wolf upon your arrival.

Huskies eyes are often blue or brown in color. Often times they may have one eye blue and another brown. Originating from extremely cold weather Huskies do very well in hot climate areas. Typical lifespan for huskies range from 12 to 14 years all though with good care they can last many more.

With a history of being guard dogs Huskies will often run and hide and not guard at all. Huskies do very well around children and will protect them if necessary. With their dominant stance and intimidating presence they often howl and hide during thunderstorms. I highly recommend Huskies as house pets but a play yard is highly recommended. If a yard is not available walk them frequently and see their excitement when you reach for the leash.

Always verify the history of the breeder. Huskies could be very sensitive pets and lots of attention is required. Be patient with them and discipline will come with time. Never leave them alone for a long period of time or destruction will be inevitable. Huskies will destroy furniture and any other items they can get their teeth around. If leaving them home for long periods of time is inevitable I would recommend finding them a companion.

About the Author
Eddie Delgado has researched & raised Siberian Huskies throughout the past 20 years. With it's thick coat of hair & beautifull color marks the Siberian Husky is by far one of the most elegant dogs of our time. Find more about Siberian Huskys at http://www.amazingdogsplace.com

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Mike tha...

cool post. Raised my eyebrow a little
when you said they had a history of
being guard dogs though.

Husky Dog Names

Darryl tha...

Looking after your Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies are usually a breed that requires medium maintenance. However, they need care anyway. Here’s how to look after and care for your Siberian husky:

1. Keep a check on your Siberian husky, preferably keep it down/ this is not a difficult thing to do as they are their own dietician and hence eat less when compared to other breeds of their size.

2. Educate yourselves on the health problems associated with the Siberian husky. Problems like cataracts, glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, central progressive retinal atrophy and progressive retina atrophy which are genetic eye disorders, zinc deficiency disease and hip dysplasia are common health problems that huskies face.

3. Be well prepared for a biannual or annual shed fest. The husky’s undercoat is quite thick and also lush. They shed comparatively less during the year but for a period of few weeks they will lose more hair than you can imagine but this is natural so don’t fret. Comb and get the undercoat off them. If you don’t they can start to look pretty nasty with all that loose fur.

4. Don’t bathe your husky too frequently. Like cats huskies groom themselves and keep themselves clean.

5. Trim your huskies nails at least once a month.

6. Whether you keep your husky indoors or outdoors don’t forget they are every sociable by nature. If you don’t have another dog or husky you will then need to keep your husky close to its family.

7. Huskies don’t bark much but they aren’t silent dogs either. They are known to mutter and grumble and also let loose occasionally with a howl that is haunting. And this can make the neighbours very unhappy if it continues for awhile.

8. Buy yourself a book on this breed. Since these are working dogs they usually require all the exercise they can get. So you need to take them for a walk or jog at least twice a day unless your yard is big enough for them to run around and play in. Make sure it is fenced though. They don’t usually stop anytime soon once they start to run.

9. Siberian huskies love water whether to drink, to lie down in or stand in, they love it. They also love the rain and the mud a lot more than you can imagine. They dig until the earth can’t be dug anymore usually holes big enough to fit them whole.

Get ready to enjoy at least 10 to about 15 years of your life with your beloved Siberian husky because that is the average life span of a husky.

For more information regarding Huskies, don't forget to visit

Chris tha...

Gorgeous Husky Eddie! I am currently raising a 3 1/2 month Siberian Husky and will probably be following your blogs. I have a few questions:

I do not have a yard for her to roam around in, but I do take her for daily walks. On occasion I will take her for 2 or 3, she is doing very well on the leash. I have noticed that she likes to dig, but I don't have a yard for her to dig in. How can I "relieve" her of this? Is there an alternative way that she can get the digging out of her system? Thanks!

Chantel tha...

Beautiful dog. I have a squidoo lens on Siberian Huskies if anyone would like to take a look. It has the husky colors, history, and AKC standards of the breed. Lots of information and pictures.

Siberian Huskies

tim tha...

Cool Blog!!

I have a Siberian Husky named Akasha, she's Awesome!!

Check this Siberian Husky Training blog out!

Gio tha...

I got a female siberian husky..shes awesome and only 3 1/2 months old...the only bad thing is that she plays rough....her teeth are sharp and she likes to nibble and bite my hand sometimes

SocialBeatz tha...

Could you verify that guard dog section of the post? Because that is incorrect. Not bashing as some of the post is correct. Huskies derived by a tribe in Siberia. They hurd, hunt and they depended on this breed to survive. Please check out my blog on the siberian huskies for accurate backed information as well as discussion of the myths. Best Regards, SocialBeatz

Sonja Savic tha...

Siberian huskies are the greatest dogs on a planet! I own one and I am very happy with him!
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New siberian husky blog

Fran k. tha...


New siberian husky blog

Fran k. tha...


New siberian husky blog

Fran k. tha...


New siberian husky blog

Fran k. tha...


New siberian husky blog